October 18, 2014 v. Pittsburgh Rugby Club (D3)

Author: Bill Marnell -

On a cold and overcast afternoon in October, the Highlanders looked to close out their season series with Pittsburgh Rugby Club with yet another win. Similar to last season, the Highlanders hoped to sweep the fellow Pittsburgh side and remain perfect on the season. Pitt City however, would be coming in from the other end of the standings, still looking for their first win of the season. City has been improving each week since the 69 – 0 blow out loss to the Highlanders in Week 1 of the schedule.

Shortly after kickoff, the Highlanders were able to gain possession and march their way down the field. After an infraction deep in their own zone, the Highlanders were able to set up Prop Jarred Frawley for his seventh try of the season. The try came off a brilliantly ran penalty play and was converted by Wing Scott Powers. Powers was on his way to a very big day, both kicking and running the ball. After the score, Pitt City moved the ball near the Highlander 22 meter line. After talented Lock John Shearer was able to steal the Pittsburgh line out, Scott Powers was able to weave his way through several City defenders and carry the ball deep into opposition territory. This allowed the Highlander backline to set up fellow Winger Brian Barnett with his fourth try of the season in the corner of the tryzone. The tough conversion was missed and the Highlanders roared to a 12 – 0 advantage.

At the ten minute mark, Pitt City was able to force a Highlander penalty in their zone which allowed City to convert a penalty kick. The Highlander responded quickly however with a brilliant try from Outside Center Patrick Dobbins, his first of the season. Dobbins has proven to be a versatile player, like many of the back line, and change positions each week depending on the personnel available. His try was followed by an equally brilliant try by an equally versatile player, Tyree Massie, who was playing Flyhalf today. The try was celebrated with an enthusiastic splash into the try zone by Massie. Equally enthusiastic was the try by veteran forward Abe Cone at the thirty minute mark. Cone found daylight to the side of the breakdown and nearly tripped over his feet as he dove into the try zone. The score was converted by Powers. Massie was able to put down his second try of the day and the Highlanders took a dominating 36 – 3 lead into the half.

The second half of the game would be much like the first half, with almost total Highlander domination. Flanker Zack Kochin was able to run down his sixth try of the season before a small defensive lapse gave Pitt City a try of their own for the day. The score was quickly answered back by crafty Scrumhalf Zack Powell who was able to dance his way through several defenders to place down his second try and as many games for himself. Lock and Captain Andrew Chapman was able to place down his second try of the season, his first coming against City in week one. Powers was able to nail that conversion as well.

At the sixty minute mark, Dobbins was able to field a nice pass from reserve Forward Bill Marnell and score his second impressive try of the day, after the conversion Pitt City informed the referee they’d like to cut the game a little short with the weather quickly deteriorating. The Highlander’s Zack Kochin was able to place down one more try and convert it himself before the referee called the game about 10 minutes early. The final read Highlanders 67 – Pitt City 10. With the victory, the Highlanders improved to 5 – 0 and host a tough Akron side in the fall season finale at Phillip Murray Park.

Highlander Line vs. Pittsburgh Rugby Club (D3)

  1. Jarred Frawley (Grove City)
  2. Abe Cone (Cal U)
  3. Jeff Muha
  4. Andrew Chapman
  5. John Shearer (Cal U)
  6. Brandon Sampson (Slippery Rock)
  7. Zack Kochin (Cal U)
  8. David Banta (Cal U)
  9. Zach Powell (Cal U)
  10. Tyree Massie (Cal U)
  11. Brian Barnett (Cal U)
  12. Neil Reynolds (UPJ)
  13. Patrick Dobbins (UPJ)
  14. Scott Powers (UPJ)
  15. Kevin Dell
  16. Matt Luba (UPJ)
  17. Bill Marnell (Cal U)
  18. Timmy Chapman
  19. Brandon Benvenuti
  20. Matt Kierzkowski (PSU – Behrend)
  21. Will Foran (Carnegie Mellon)
  22. Kyle Bloser (Univ. of Pitt)
  23. Aamir Ali